w/Low-Profile Fire-Ring and Stud

Model: K4-8R18 18ft (5.5m)RG-58 A/U Fire-Flex *MSRP     $27.99
Model: K4-8R9 9ft (2.7m) RG-58 A/U Fire-Flex *MSRP     $20.49

*MSRP (Manufactures Suggested Retail Price) in U.S. Dollars

Now you can have our high quality Fire-Flex coax, with the greatest mount termination on the market, complete with the antenna stud mount .. all in one nice package. The design of the coax termination requires a longer bolt to properly secure the antenna stud. If you use a standard stud mount on the Fire-Ring connector you will come up 4 or 5 threads short of a secure installation! Inside the FireRing Coax Termination

Note: To facilitate easy routing of the coaxial cable from the mount to the radio, the PL-259 connector on the 18ft cable is not intalled on the cable. The end is processed and pre-tinned to receive the connector. The center pin of the connector must be soldered prior to connecting it to the radio. As of early 2016, all PL-259's supplied with FireRing cables are non-booted versions.

The stud mount hardware is made from stainless steel. The "Fire-Ring" connector is weatherproof, low-profile and easy to install. The FireRing can be installed below the mount surface (Click here to see below mount illustration.) or on top of the mount surface (Click here to see above mount illustrations). The small amount of room that the "Fire-Ring" utilizes make it the perfect choice for use under headliners or installations where space is limited. Available with 9' (2.7m) or 18' (5.5m) lengths of high quality coax. For specific information on the Fire-Flex coax with the Fire-Ring, click here.


1 Year Limited Warranty