READ THIS before you try to send an email message!

Unfortunately, email boxes are being abused by snakes who overload the system with worthless and unwanted junk. We liken it to coming home from work everyday and finding the person you despise the most sitting in your favorite chair watching your TV and eating your food. We estimate that 95 out of every 100 messages are irrelevant to our operations. Like so many other businesses, we have installed filters and blacklists in an attempt to thwart the flow of unwanted mail but the snakes have a basket full of lies and trickery to circumvent the anti-spamming software. Spammers are a worthless lot! Most, if not all, should be hung!

At one time we had a direct link on our front page for our customer to use for emailing us with their questions, comments and product sourcing. Upon learning that this was too easy of a target for the slimeball predators', we moved the link deeper within our website. Doing so reduced the unwanted junk but also made it a harder for the legitimate people to locate the direct email link. This is an attempt to restore the ease by which you may contact us with your Firestik related questions and comments.

All direct email links have been removed from our website. Since the spammers now use sophisticated software to scan every page of every web site on the Internet, there is no safe haven for direct "mail to" links. Since we still want to hear from you, we are going to give you some email addresses in a graphical format. You will need to write these down and then manually enter them into your email composers "To" location. Before we do that, however, take note of the following:

  • All email messages that DO NOT have an entry for the "Subject" line will be filtered out before they get to us. Do NOT leave the subject line blank!
  • If the "Subject" line begins with the word "Firestik", you will gain priority when our email program sorts and displays messages. i.e. Firestik Tech Help, Firestik store locator, Firestik Biz Info, etc.
  • The only attachment files we will consider for review without prior notification will be those with the following file extensions: .jpg - .gif - .tif - .pps .. even then ... our anti-virus software scans all inbound and outbound mail and attachments for viruses.

The following email addresses are in a graphical format to keep them from being picked off by data collecting, unmanned robots. Do not click on them directly because they are not "hot". You will need to manually type the address into the "To" box of your email composer program.

Make sure that the email address is spelled correctly. Our filters are set to delete ALL messages (without notification and without us ever seeing them) that do not have one of the above addresses.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes you but keep in mind that our ultimate goal is to serve you the best that we can. The time we save by not having to wade through all of the trash that the spam-dummies are transmitting ... the more time we'll have to take care of you. We do appreciate your business and interest in Firestik products and want to be available to you for your product and/or technical needs.

If by some chance you do not hear back from us within 5 days, we recommend that you call. As of yet we have not heard of any legitimate mail being scrubbed by our aggressive filters but ... there is always something new greeting us around every corner. If you need to talk to us ... feel free to call us at 602.273.7151. If your call comes in before or after business hours, you can leave a message and your phone number and we'll ring you back at first opportunity.

Updated: 2023.12.05