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Strobestik STS-1 Series Instructions

The Firestik Strobestik is powered by a single AA battery. To install the battery, remove the hex-shaped lens assembly and insert the battery into the strobe body negative (-) end down. Put the lens assembly back on.

Twist the lens assembly clockwise to turn Strobestik on. Twist counter-clockwise to turn off. Modes will change with each off/on sequence as follows:

Five on modes w/ typical continuous run-times:
1.) "start setting" is solid-on. (8 hours)
2.) slow strobe (100 hours)
3.) fast strobe (25 hours)
4.) triple flash (20 hours)
5.) random strobe (30 hours)

When turned off for more than 8 seconds, Strobestik will return to the default "start setting."

Expected battery life will vary depending on the frequency and duration of which modes are used, choice of battery type and brand, and exposure to extreme hot or cold conditions. Typical run-time results are based on room temperature operation using a leading discount club store alkaline battery.

The STS-1 will also operate on a single AAA battery, although expected battery life will be shortened.

Erratic Behavior
If Strobestik starts to blink erratically or strobe modes do not change properly, it is likely that the battery has reached its end of life. Change the battery to resume normal operation

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