In the fall of 2004, Firestik jumped into the safety flag business. It was a natural progression inasmuch as the company was flush with the fiberglass know-how gained from nearly 40 years of manufacturing antennas. The initial learning curve for the safety flag business mostly involved learning what rules every state had with regards to flag color and shape as well as the height requirements for recreational dunes and off-road use. Initially, most flags were used for those playing on the sand dunes. Other markets, such as kayaking, ATV and UTV users, mining and pipeline projects followed and became regular supporters of Firestik flag products.

One fun and interesting opportunity arose at a Sand Show. Mr. Les Shockley, the owner/operator of jet powered trucks used for exhibitions at drag racing and air shows, stop by the Firestik booth and had some interest in flags for his vehicles. Before he left, we fixed Les up with a couple of Firestik flags. A few weeks later, we received a video, some promo photos (see below) and one of the flags that he used on his jet truck at an airshow (also shown below). You can see that a hole was burnt through the flag, but considering the 30-foot flames coming out of those two jet engines, a burn hole seemed to be a very likely event. More impressive was the fact that the flag experienced a 342 miles-per-hour trip down the air strip. We don't know if was screaming (too much jet engine noise) but for sure it was shaking.