Model SS-184:
Crimp-on connection
MSRP*   $14.99
Model SS-184A:
Screw-on connection
MSRP*   $17.99

*MSRP (Manufactures Suggested Retail Price) in U.S. Dollars

The primary use for the SS-184 stainless steel mount is for antenna installation on the 1994 thru 2004 Dodge Ram and Dakota pick-ups (due to body changes made in late 2004, this mount will not fit 2005 and newer vehicles). When the hood is open, the fender bolt near the firewall is removed (right or left side) and later reused to bolt the antenna bracket to the under-hood fender lip. (Note: some of the late 2004 models had the fender bolt in a different location which require the mount to be screwed to the hood channel) All mounting hardware is invisible unless the hood is open. Includes four #12 x 1/2" Philips panhead stainless steel sheet metal screws (use a #20, 0.161" drill for the screw pilot holes). The bracket has a pre-determined bend and does not interfer with the closing of the hood. The bracket is 2" (51mm) wide by 4.1" (104mm) long. See all dimensions by clicking here. Due to the close quarters, the stud requires crimp-on coaxial connectors. However, we do have a mini-kit that has the bracket and Fire-Ring coax in one package. If you don't already have the coax, the mini-kit (MK-184R) would be a better choice.

Click here to see dimension details.

The SS-184A contains the same bracket as the SS-184. The difference is the SO-239 base stud mount for screw-on coax connection. There isn't enough clearance on the Dodge trucks to allow for this stud but, this mount works very well as a universal flat mount for bumpers, pick-up bed rails, etc. Either mount is rated for antennas up to 4' (1.2m) in length. WHERE TO BUY?

The Dodge Ram Hood bracket is now available for "NMO" amateur antennas. The bracket length was extended by 0.25" to 4.35" and has a 0.750" hole to accept "NMO" antenna mounts. Request Firestik Model # SS-18N. The stainless steel bracket includes stainless steel mounting hardware. NMO connectors are not included. Manufacturers suggested list price is $6.49 (U.S. currency).

2 Year Limited Warranty