Model: SS-174
MSRP*   $14.99

*MSRP (Manufactures Suggested Retail Price) in U.S. Dollars

Designed for hood and trunk applications, these stainless steel mounts go on the inside channel of your hood or trunk. There are no visible mounting holes required. All mounting hardware (also stainless steel) is hidden inside the hood or trunk channel. Includes four #12 x 1/2" Philips panhead stainless steel sheet metal screws (use a #20, 0.161" drill for the screw pilot holes). Mount comes complete with antenna mounting stud. Click here to see installation line art.

The SS-174 fits well in the deeper hood channels found on many of the newer Ford and Chevy pick-ups. This mount isn't limited to pick-ups. It can be used on just about any vehicle with a hood and/or trunk. The bracket measures 2.9" (74cm) from the mounting base to the top of the bracket itself. The height from the mounting base to the first bend is 2.1" (53mm) so it can be used on channels with depths up to 2" (51mm). This bracket is also available in one of our cable/mount mini-kits. See MK-174.

Click here to see dimension details.

Use this mount with heavy-duty Firestik, FireFly or RoadPal antennas up to 48" (122cm)


2 Year Warranty

We did a complete antenna and radio installation on a 1999 F350. The process was documented with text and pictures. If you would like to follow the process, click ... "F350 CB Installation"